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ATC HiFi is the key
to a personal performance
with your favourite artist no matter what genre

The ATC R&D team have a belief that music is food for the soul and is the true seed behind every acoustic device. The teams’ passion and enjoyment of music fuels their desire to develop truly stunning products that will bring you as near to the original recording as is possible.

Our philosophy, Living In Music, is what drives us daily.


Living in music – the philosophy of ATC audiophile

After-sales Service

Our local dealer network and online support teams are always ready to answer any questions about our products. We pride ourselves on supplying industry leading levels of custom writing service – we believe excellent support is a huge part of the sale. Combining the product and support we strive to build a brand for life with many loyal followers.


Sound Quality

Although our products are built to last our goal is simple and takes us back to the basics of an audio product – high fidelity. We are continuously researching, testing, listening and learning about how to make the products better to deliver an accuracy in the audio, in every note and every breath of the performer. We want to put you in front of the artist in whichever environment you choose to listen to them.


At ATC we do not cut corners. We utilise some of the best components available, then add some ATC magic. Complimenting the operational amplifiers, programmable processors and DACs’ that we use our engineers also develop our own circuitry allowing us to tune the audio and maximize the performance of the products – there are many factors to making good audio and the components are merely part of the recipe.



The HDA-DP10 will redefine how you listen to your music. Small enough to sit in the palm of your hand yet big enough to bring the concert to your ears in hi-res. Robustly built and sleek in design the DP10 is a truly competent performer. Hear your music like never before.

The DP10 features a 2” Colour Screen, built-in headphone amp, twin SD card slots, jog dial control and a range of user settings as standard.

Like you were there, the DP10


The HDA-DP20 will take your ears on a musical journey like never before. The DP20 will effortlessly deliver hi-res music as the artist intended it to be, allowing you to hear every note with consummate ease. The DP20 is the key to a personal performance with your favourite artist no matter what genre.

The DP20 features a 2.3” Colour Screen, Twin DAC, Twin Low Pass Filters, built-in headphone amplifier, SD Card slot, Jog Dial control and an array of user settings to suit you.

A concert in your palm, the DP20



  • "Offering an array of useful features this solidly built and practically designed device provides superb sound quality for the price, maximising its design spec and providing brilliant value for money. Despite its digital sourcing, the ATC never forgets that human beings are behind the music, giving you a engaging performance at all times."

    Paul Rigby
    Paul Rigby
  • "The HDA-P1’s big, beefy sound, decent spec and solid build quality add up to a very impressive headphone amp."

    Trusted Reviews
    Trusted Reviews



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