Founded in 1997, the ATC management team have merged previous experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of consumer electronic products with its creative spirit and a professional R&D team – the combination has resulted in some outstanding success. Over the years ATC have applied for over 30 patents worldwide. In 2010, ATC became an authorized manufacturer for Apple’s accessories and we were selected as the authorized manufacturer for Apple’s Lightning accessories.

ATC have also developed audio products, such as Bluetooth speakers and headphones. Rich experience, creativity and positive actions have enabled ATC to explore new sales channels. Due to our knowledge, can do attitude and our business network we became an authorized distributor of Acoustic Research (AR) for the UK market.

An accumulation of engineering experience and knowledge the ATC team are not only good at traditional audio concepts and technologies, such as star-earthing and noise reduction methodology, but they also have tuned ears with real experience of the live sound and music in different venues such concert halls, stadiums and night clubs – this helps the team to recreate the sound more musically and to easily investigate the new acoustic technology for real music in our life.

The ATC R&D team have always believed that music will never die and is a seed for any acoustic device. Music is the soul for audio product development and we believe our passion fuels a desire to learn and make better audio products for you.

Living in music – the philosophy of ATC audiophile