What types of headphone best matches the ATC players?

The ATC Players deliver enough power, drive and details to match with most headphones on the market today, be it on-ear, in-ear or over-ear.

What type of headphone connector is being used?

We use a 3.5mm on our current range.

What capacity is the memory card?

HDA-DP10 Up to 128GB x 2

HDA-DP20 Up to 200GB x 2

HAD-EL2  Up to 128GB x 1

Do the ATC players have gain and EQ settings?

All ATC players have a gain control for different levels of dB. The HDA-DP20 also has a software EQ settings allowing the user to change the setting to their personal preference.

What is the warranty period?

All ATC products come with a one year warranty

Where can you buy the ATC range of products?

The range will be available from local hi-fi and electrical retailers, increasing daily, or from our official online store (www.atc-lifestyle.com) , Amazon and eBay.

What DAC chip inside the ATC Player?

HDA-DP10 AKM AK4490, MUSES 8920 + LMH6643

HDA-DP20 Wolfson WM8740, Analog Devices AD8397

HDA-EL2 Wolfson WM8740, Rockchip RKNano D

HDA-P1 Cirrus Logic CS8422, AKM AK4490, Texas Instruments OPA1612