ATC Class A Slim Portable Rechargeable High Fidelity Headphone Amplifier P2 - it is using a traditional Class A amplifier circuitry to perform a vacuum tube sound nature and remove the digitized [...]


ATC Slim Portable Headphone Amplifier P1 - This HDA-P1 DAC Headphone Amplifier delivers a clear and insightful sound. AKM AK4490 performs a well decoding circuitry for different audio format files.


ATC Slim Portable High Fidelity Hi Res DSD Music Player L - An Impressive feature set and value for money is at the heart of EL2. The depth and quality of sound is impressive and turns the [...]


ATC High Fidelity Hi Res DSD Entry Level Music Player DP20, Twins AD8610. The DP-20 incorporates twin AD8610 high precision JFET input amplifiers.Utilising twin amplifiers provides a natural [...]

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